Decisions Yet To Be Made

Here it is folks, the Page of Phear. These are the things that must be decided before the project can be finished. The horror, the horror...

  1. Entryway tile/stone -- threshold -- backsplashes. Actually we're getting close here. The entryway will be a medium-gray slate, and the backsplashes will be tiled with something acceptably similar. Entryway tile will extend to the right of the stairs 8-10 inches until it meets the first joist in the kitchen. Outstanding task is to find the kitchen tile.
  2. Banister/cubby thing. Getting pretty close here as well. This will be of maple-faced plywood, stained to match the cabinets. Eva has a good drawing somewhere. Outstanding decision is what to do with the HVAC return, and whether to put pull-out drawers or something else under the stairs.
  3. Banisters going up. Totally undecided. The cubby thing will provide attachment points for a railing, but how do we deal with matching that as the stairway continues up?
  4. Pendants over island. Undecided but I saw some good ones at Kody Lighting the other day. Need to make a trip out there with Kim and make a final decision.
  5. Entryway light fixture. Don't know if we're just going to do recessed in the entryway or if we will put an actual fixture there. Maybe recessed in the entryway but a tie-in fixture over the landing? Again, a trip to Kody Lighting is in order.
  6. Floor material. Will be longstrip horizontal bamboo. We can go ahead and order this as soon as we get samples from
  7. Countertop color. We are actually pretty close on this with the most recent photo we got from Eva.
  8. Wall color. Kim is thinking some kind of sandstone, which sounds good to me. Outstanding questions: Color on the finish carpentry (baseboards/door casing) -- stain to match cabinets, white, match walls? Color on interior of back door? Interior of front door? Ceiling color? Harp room color? Bookshelf color? So many choices...
  9. 2nd floor light fixtures. Need to be done at some point. Now is probably the right time to wire them although I am reluctant to invade the 2nd floor "sanctuary" until the ground floor is more or less complete. No idea what to put in yet.
  10. Sonos placement. These are the three music system boxes that will drive ground floor, second floor, and roof deck audio. At this point I think one will go in the basement with the structured cable box, one will go on a shelf high in the laundry room (for the roof deck audio), and one will go in the stereo stack in the living room. Speakers are going to be in-ceiling in the kitchen and music room, in-wall in the living room.

The other scary thing about this list is that I know there are decisions we will have to make that I don't know we have to make yet...

Hugh Brock
Last modified: Thu Dec 8 09:52:21 EST 2005