Construction Schedule (as of December 12)

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The schedule, week by week:

Week of December 12 Finish drilling tubing holes in basement joists. Have concentric vent installed in exterior wall for Polaris heater. Pick up supplies for vent, gas, and water plumbing.

December 17-18 We call again for heat. Thread and staple up tubing in basement. Test for leaks. Insulate under tubing in basement. Finish up insulation under tubing in ground floor ceiling. Install gas line, plumbing, venting for new Polaris heater. Fill everything with water, check for leaks again, turn on the heater! If time, install new ductwork for a/c in ceiling of kitchen and music room.

December 23-24 I was Framed, your honor! Frame in ceilings with crazy metal framing, do basement stair extension. Finish off ductwork and new hood vent. Start hanging light fixtures if time. Clean up joist repairs and add extra insulation in basement (additional nails, bolts, expanding foam, fun fun fun!)

December 27-28 (Yes I'm supposed to be working these days... think I'm gonna play hooky...) Finish off kitchen subfloor now that ductwork is out of the way. Hang light fixtures, speakers in both rooms. Rough in plumbing for dishwasher, sink, bar.

December 29 - January 9 Happy Holidays!!

January 14-15 Crazy Harry Play With Electricity (extra credit if you identify where that line comes from). Wire up new light fixtures, run appliance feeds, outlets. Run raceway, boxes for new cable and network lines. Anything else to be done before we close up the walls, DO IT NOW b/c the drywall guys come next week!!! Kitchen back door should also be done now.

January 21-22 Paint By Numbers! Don't miss this exciting weekend, this is when everything suddenly starts to take shape. Hopefully by now the Drywall Guys have already come and gone and done their magic...

January 28-29 Floor It! Time to lay the bamboo floor in the harp room and put the baseboard back. With any luck we'll be able to start working on hanging the new cabinets this weekend too. Install bookshelves in the harp room -- harp ensemble is back in business.

February 4-5 The Worst Is Behind Us! Finish hanging cabinets. Get everything ready for the Amazing Concrete Countertop Guy who will arrive the next week.

February 11-12 The Worst Is Behind Us, Really! Install floor in kitchen. See Hugh very carefully drill holes for handles in brand-new expensive cabinets.

February 18-19 I have An Appliance and I'm Not Afraid to Use It! Install the appliances. Make some ice. POUR EVERYONE A GREAT BIG COCKTAIL!!!

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