Construction Schedule (as of February 17)

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OK, yes, we've slipped a little. Well, more than a little. Let's just say the heat and the subfloor and so on took, er, just a wee bit longer than I had hoped. Such is life in the remodeling business. However I will endeavor not to be hopelessly optimistic in the future (or my wife will be very angry with me...)

The schedule, week by week:

February 17-18: I was Framed, your honor! (Yes, the 17th is a Friday... I will be working during the day, then knocking off early to work on framing in the evening). Finish kitchen cabinet soffit framing, hang ceiling furring. In music room, install track around the edge, hang u-channel, hang ceiling furring (no soffits here thank god).

February 19-20: President's Day, and My Birthday! Start cranking on the following list of Things That Must Be Done before we can close up the walls:

February 25-28: Yes this includes Monday and Tuesday, I'm taking these days off from work to finish up the list above

March 4-5: Finishing touches on the list above. Includes making ready the area around the stairs to the second floor (remove banister and re-frame to make ready for the piece of furniture I'm making to go in that spot), roughing in sink and dishwasher plumbing, hanging new basement door.

Week of March 6: Drywallers come, install all drywall, paint walls.

March 11-12: Install wall and base cabinet bodies. This includes the rough framing for the island.

Week of March 13: Jim Hurley comes to make the template for the countertops. Things start to look like a real kitchen

March 18-19: Lay floor in music room, kitchen, (possibly) tile floor in foyer (this depends on the front door schedule in part). Although it lacks finish carpentry (baseboard), harp room is now Back In Business

Week of March 20: Jim Hurley returns to install countertops, yahoo!!

March 25-26 Finish carpentry: baseboard, door casing, above-cabinet molding in music room and kitchen. Install lighting trim, cover plates in music room. Install in-cabinet lighting, under-cabinet lighting in kitchen. Stain or paint back door.

April 1-2: Hook up plumbing for kitchen and bar sink. Lay tile floor in foyer if we haven't already. Tile backsplashes too. If they are here, consider (gulp) INSTALLING THE APPLIANCES.

Week of April 3: Build and finish the piece of furniture that goes next to the stairs

April 8-9: Install the piece of furniture that goes next to the stairs (need to come up with a better name for this thing), along with the new handrail. Install remaining light fixtures (island pendants, landing fixture, anything else we've left out.

April 15-16:I have An Appliance and I'm Not Afraid to Use It! Umm... I think... we're DONE! Cocktails, anyone?

Hugh Brock
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