Originally envisioned construction schedule

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Nov. 12-13 prepare for demolition. Boring. Mostly involves packing
things and taking furniture to storage. If turnout is significant, might
get into minor demolition on Sunday.

Nov. 19-20 Drop the Bomb! Everything -- floors, walls, ceilings -- must
go. Bring hammers and crowbars; breath masks, gloves, and safety goggles
will be provided. 

Nov. 25-27 (Thanksgiving weekend!) The floor! Sister joists to level
floors where necessary, screw down new plywood subfloor where necessary.
If we have time and enough help, drill holes for and start stapling up
radiant floor tubing under the second floor. If anything needs to be
done to get ready for the Mason Guy to come brick in the new back door
opening, do that.

December 3-4 See the Light, Feel the Heat! Staple up all the radiant
floor tubing. Install overhead lighting fixtures. Observe skeptically
(and stand well back) while Hugh hooks up the new heat system. Regard
the handiwork of the Mason Guy with awe.

December 10-11 I was Framed, your honor! Frame in cabinet soffit and
basement door extension. Install new pre-hung basement door. Run new
ductwork inside (and the vent for Kim's amazing stainless steel stove
hood!). Watch Hugh lose his mind wiring up all the fancy new light
fixtures. If time, install furring strips on the ceiling joists to level
out the ceiling.

December 17-18 Christmas Party (not)! Move sink and dishwasher plumbing
into place; add bar plumbing; Finish That Which Has Not Been Finished in
preparation for the Drywall Guys.

December 24 - January 9 Happy Holidays!!

January 14-15 Paint By Numbers! Don't miss this exciting weekend, this
is when everything suddenly starts to take shape. Hopefully by now the
Drywall Guys have already come and gone and done their magic...

January 21-22 Floor It! Time to lay the bamboo floor in the harp room
and put the baseboard back. With any luck we'll be able to start working
on hanging the new cabinets this weekend too. Install bookshelves in the
harp room -- harp ensemble is back in business.

January 28-29 The Worst Is Behind Us! Finish hanging cabinets. Get
everything ready for the Amazing Concrete Countertop Guy who will arrive
the next week.

February 4-5 The Worst Is Behind Us, Really! Install floor in kitchen.
See Hugh very carefully drill holes for handles in brand-new expensive

February 11-12 I have An Appliance and I'm Not Afraid to Use It! Install
the appliances. Make some ice. POUR EVERYONE A GREAT BIG COCKTAIL!!!

(needless to say the rest of February will be spent tidying up...)


Hugh Brock
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